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The potential of the Salt Water Catch Basin.

In the development of the Saltwater Catch Basin, an additional benefit has been identified and may be implemented and utilized for a potential solution to the buildup of sand around groins and jetties. By properly positioning the Basin adjacent to these manmade objects that impede the natural migration of sand, the sand may be collected in the Basin and then removed by a innovative pump system placed on the jetty or platform adjacent to such. This will allow for minimal travel of the collected sand to be pumped back to land for the renourishment of nearby beaches that have been eroded.

This proprietary, patented system allows for a more cost efficient process of keeping waterways clear and operable, with the assistance of natural forces. It also allows for an inexpensive way of renourishing beaches by utilizing the byproduct of this system, the sand removed by the Saltwater Catch Basin. In all, the local municipalities and taxpayers benefit through a more cost effective process of keeping local waters navigable and the enhancement of their beaches and shoreline, without significantly impacting the marine life.


Waterways are important to all of us. They allow for import and export of materials as well as offer enjoyment for boaters. Currently dredging is how we keep our waterways open. This dangerous and expensive method can be a thing of the past if a salt water catch basin is used. The salt water catch basin is less expensive and protects sealife